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Jerry Everett

Born beside the ocean, on the South Shore of Canada, I knew how to pilot a boat before I could drive a car. I'm an engineer by training, an entrepreneur by nature, and an executive by necessity. I spent nearly ten years with Nortel Networks. With my business partner and friend, we founded and built OnConference - a provider of conference calling and web conferencing services. As an emerging athlete I favour running, cycling and cross country skiing. I enjoy travelling, learning, reading, and cooking. I'm a Canadian citizen, married to a South African, living in Europe.

About Us

Sojourner Assay B.V. is an exploration and development company.  It is based in the Netherlands, with a presence in Canada, and South Africa.

Sojourner: Someone who "stays for a time in a place..."  

Assay: "To examine or analyze. Or to try, attempt, or put to the test."



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