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Sojourner Assay

Investing In Ideas.
Developing Businesses. 
Creating Wealth. 
What we do

We're on a worldwide search for value, investing in promising ideas with the goal of turning them into viable companies.


We've cycled through several projects to date, some successes and several failures. Our current projects are shown at the top of our projects section. If we get to traction, we invest, build a team and bring the company to market. 


What we do
Our Focus

We focus on business models with a global value proposition, recurring revenue model and significant barriers to entry.  


We have worked in telecommunications, software, international business, localization and internationalization. We are advocates of globalization.

Past Projects

Internet retail of artisanal or boutique food and beverage products to the European Union. (An exploration of social impact investing.)

The first mobile service provider for entrepreneurs and startups.

A second number for your mobile phone that uses your current service provider, SIM card and let's you keep your number. 

A multilingual assistant for e-commerce store owners to help them answer customer service calls and FAQs in multiple languages by phone & chat. 

Past Projects

We're interested in hearing about your prospective project, and from vendors who can help us. If you would like to make a proposal, you're welcome to contact us.  

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